Are your app users ignoring your push notifications?

Engage users with location based push notifications.


Impact users as they visit specific locations. No beacons and geofences

Computer with mapped places

More than 25 million mapped places

Use our places database and send push notifications when user goes to specific location and categories.













Create push notification campaigns within seconds

Customize your notification

Give your message a title and body.

Include click behavior

Set the destination URL or deeplink that users will reach when they click on the push notification.

Choose your target

Select categories or specific stores where you want the push to be delivered.

Home inference

Use our home inference and engage your users when they are at home.

Select the timing

Set how long your campaign will stay active.

Do not disturb your user

Control when your campaigns get delivered.

Track push campaigns

Analyze the performance of your push campaigns with deep insights

Click through rate

Measure your click through rates (CTR).

Sent and impressed

Find the total number of notifications sent and those opened for a campaign.

Performance by target

Rank your campaigns by number of users visits.

Geofence icon

No beacons. No geofence management

Without drawing geo-fences or deploying any hardware.

Import icon

Import your database

Import your own places database and use them in your campaigns.

Delivery icon

Delivery control

Control when and how your campaigns get delivered.

Cloud message icon

Cloud message support

Integrate with services like Amazon SNS and Firebase.

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